Computer Use

Computer & Internet Use Policy

Filtering on the Internet will not be imposed on anyone. Parents/guardians are responsible for the selection choices of their own minor children.

Users may not modify or gain access to the Library’s computer system files, passwords or data. They may not seek unauthorized access to any computer system or network.

Please be aware that you are using a public machine, and if you release any personal information over the internet you do so at your own risk. Please log out of sites that you log into for your own safety.

Computers designated as Library Catalogs are to be used for no other purpose, and may not be reserved.

Internet computers are not to be used for illegal activity, to access illegal materials, or to access web pages or sites that contain materials defined in the Connecticut General Statues as “obscene” (Section 53a-193*) or which would likely “impair the health or morals” of a child under sixteen (Sec. 53-21*). Library staff may immediately terminate the Internet session of any individual engaging in these activities. Users are to also honor copyright law protection of software, books, articles and other electronic files or information, as well as electronic licensing agreements.

Misuse will result in the loss of your library privileges. Illegal acts involving library computer resources may also be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities. You are responsible for any damage to hardware or software caused by misuse of any library computer.

Computer Use Procedures:

  • Each patron is given an initial 60 minutes. Additional time may be granted; up to 180 minutes each day are allowed
  • To log into a computer, you will need a valid CT library card in good standing (not expired and no fines over 5 dollars). If you don’t have a library card, a guest pass can be printed for you at the circulation desk.
  • To print, send whatever you’d like printed on to the printer. The job will be released at the circulation desk upon receipt of payment.
  • Librarians may waive printing fees to answer reference questions or in the event of printer malfunction.
  • Printing is only available in B&W and is 15 cents a page.
  • If you wish to save your work, please use a personal flash drive. If you don’t have one, the library has flash drives for sale for $6.00 at the circulation desk.
  • Periodic downtimes may be necessary for maintenance, technical difficulties, or staff use.