Library Fees, Fines, & Other Charges


Item Amount
Damaged Materials to cover costs
Lost Library Cards $1.50 per lost card


Item Amount
Overdue Items (except those listed below) $.05 per item per day
DVDs and Videos $1.00 per video per day
Museum Passes $1.00 per day

Replacement Charges for Lost or Damaged Materials

Item Amount
Bags (Juvenile Zippered/Velcro) $5.00
Barcodes $1.00
Book Jackets $1.00
Audiobook Cases $3.00
Jewel Cases and DVD Cases $1.00 for single, $2.00 for multiple
DVD Inserts $5.00
Books , DVDs, CDs, Magazines, Audiobooks Replacement Cost
Inter-Library Loan Books Whatever the lending library charges
Videocassettes NO CHARGE
Realia (entire toy) $10.00
Realia (lost piece) $1.00

Replacement Cost For Out-of-Print Books

Item Amount
Adult Fiction $25.00
Adult Fiction (Paperback) $5.00
Adult Nonfiction $40.00
Adult Nonfiction (paperback) $15.00
Adult Reference $50.00
Juvenile Fiction $15.00
Juvenile Fiction (Paperback) $5.00
Juvenile Nonfiction $20.00
Juvenile Nonfiction (Paperback) $10.00
DVDs and CD-ROMs $20.00
CDs $10.00
Magazines $5.00
Chinese Language Magazines $5.00